The Uncomfortable Unknown


“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” Brene Brown

Who knew that when I wrote Place of Song that I’d go silent for so long? Partly it was the hustle when you reestablish yourself in a new place and job. It was also about continuing to work on a deeper, richer, and joyful life. To get curious about why I’ve not been creative - paint, write and design.

In a word, burnout.

Working more hours than are healthy. (Yes, it’s a pattern). My body was getting kicked. It was another level of learning to let go of the chin-up, power through behavior and go deeper and continue to make changes. Be vulnerable, slow down, own what is important to me for my happiness, not for others. To rediscover my entrepreneurial spirit, be open to new ways of working (hello consulting) and what it means to lead a joyful life. One that fours years on, still takes thinking on, practice and leaps of faith in self.

The last six months have been a much needed reset. To remember that at 53 it is OK to go against what’s expected I do and head out into the Unknown. A direction that’s been calling for a bit. One that is intuitively right for me, but not the norm. There is an uncomfortable wildness to it that just feels right.

It is enough.