About Leslie Cumming


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“I love those lightbulb moments when my clients realize they can create a profitable yet heart-centered business.”

For many years I was a creative trapped in a corporate’s body - a high-powered marketing executive by day; an avid knitwear designer and maker by night.

The gift of straddling both corporate and creative worlds for 20+ years is that I’ve learnt how to bring together the head + the heart when it comes to building a business. I now translate high-level sales & marketing models into heart-centered strategies that are effective and deeply aligned with one’s nature and values.

So many marketing and sales courses out there are FOMO-centric. For those of us that value integrity and authenticity, we can become paralyzed and overwhelmed by what we ‘should’ be doing. We fear we’re not ‘cut out’ to build a successful business.

I’m on a mission to help people actually enjoy sharing their work with the world, in a way that’s thoughtful, heartfelt, and deeply rewarding for them & their communities. 


“Leslie has the innate ability to hone in on the types of marketing that are aligned with me and my business. Before working with her, I was getting caught up on the social media train. Leslie showed me that I can dedicate my time and energy towards what feels good, and gave me a wonderful framework for future growth.”

Alauna Whelan


I love…

…knitting and making. Taking deep breaths in nature and long bike-rides. The big outdoors always makes me feel strong, feminine and keeps me true to self.

I value…

…community, family and tribe. Deep connections and heartfelt conversations. All things minimal. I’ve lived in 500-700 square feet most of my adult life and love it.

I believe…

…that we can always start over, not matter where we are in life. I’ve had a profound life reset at 50+ - you can read more about my journey over on my blog.


Heart-centred businesses and entrepreneurs I’ve supported include: