About Leslie Cumming


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“I love those lightbulb moments when my clients realize they can create a profitable yet heart-centered business.”

The gift of straddling both corporate and creative worlds for 20+ years is that I’ve learned how to bring together the head + the heart when it comes to building a business.

I loved lots of things about working in corporate and agency marketing, communications and content. From leading teams to tactical execution, my most joyful times have been when I’ve been able to work with executives, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses to translate their story into values-based marketing and heart-centered strategies that are effective and deeply aligned with their deepest value and selves, with courage and integrity.

I’m on a mission to help you learn to enjoy marketing and sharing your work with the world, in a way that’s thoughtful, heartfelt, and deeply rewarding for your community of clients and you. 


“Leslie has the innate ability to hone in on the types of marketing that are aligned with me and my business. Before working with her, I was getting caught up on the social media train. Leslie showed me that I can dedicate my time and energy towards what feels good, and gave me a wonderful framework for future growth.”

Alauna Whelan


I love…

…helping people learn to tell story - yours and mine. Mentoring and teaching people how to tell story through heart-based marketing. From strategy to execution. Taking deep breaths and getting outside into nature and long bike-rides.

I value…

…courage and integrity. Values-based business decision making. Deep connections and heartfelt conversations. My business experience, community, family and tribe.

I believe…

…that we can always start over, no matter where we are in life. That we each have stories, business acumen and gifts to build thriving communities that are inclusive. I journal about a life reset, and entrepreneurship at 53 - you can read more about my journey here.


Values-based businesses and entrepreneurs I’ve supported include: