Place of Song


I am planting my third seed

Rooting my soul deep in this place

Aligning with the four corners

Reaching to the heavens and stars with hope

Lifting my gaze towards the sunrise

Basking in the quiet magic of the gloaming

As is my nature I seek …

The sweet sharpness of running water over rocks

The quiet eddies and raging rivers

To glide in lakes known and not

To dip a paddle in deep water

To dance in the wet sparkles and laughter of waterfalls

To feel ocean waves caress

To weave new memories with old

To smell the pine, sage and loam of this earth

To seek breathtaking vistas from mountain tops

To stand among the hum and jabber of bird song

The pregnant silence of the quiet

To dance on notes of the wind

To ride in the slipstream

To hear a hawk cry

To behold the majesty of an eagle watching sentry

To feel the wind break across and through me

To delve into and up mountain passes

To meander along roads near and far

Known and unknown Alone With others

To dream, hope and create …

Stories of a life filled with love and laughter

Of time spent at tables filled with food and wine

With those I know and those not yet met

That my life song be filled with …

Family Tribe Heart Soul Grace Compassion Laughter and love

This is my dream ... Always.