Tell your story and grow your business -with heart, courage and integrity. 

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Hi, I’m Leslie - heart-centered marketing & communications consultant, coach and educator.

I help solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, retailers, and creatives build integrated marketing, communications and content publishing strategies and programs using a values-based businesses approach that is thoughtful and intentional. One that empowers you to tell your story and build your brand from a place of purpose, courage and integrity - one where your customers and you connect and thrive.


“Working with Leslie has been incredible. I've learned I can be strategic AND heart-centered in my business, that I can have a great vision for the future AND take small steps towards it each day. I feel so much more settled in who I am, and what I am offering to the world.”

Alauna Whelan



Your thoughtful, values-based business and heartfelt nature can be the key to your success. Let me show you how…

leslie cumming marketing consulting

Consulting with Heart

I offer hands-on, highly personalized marketing support. I help you clarify your story, message, build out your strategy, and execute the everyday actions that will move your business forward.

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eCourses with Intention

From values-based marketing strategies to content publishing planning and product launches, my eCourses are designed to streamline your business while amplifying your impact.

leslie cummings marketing coach

Coaching with Joy

I love seeing the ‘light go on’ when my clients realize that being their true selves is actually good for business. I offer 1-hour sessions where you can ask me anything about values-based business, content, publishing, integrity-thriving sales, and heart-centered marketing and strategy.



Once or twice a month, I send out a dispatch. I share my experience and thoughts on marketing from a place of heart, and on a life reset at 53. I'll include tips and tricks, interviews and stories, and personal insights on what it means to live This Life from a place of values, wholeheartedly.




“When we come from a place of heart, intention and courage, we connect to others and our stories in a way that roots us to our very being. We can then build a heart-centered business and community that supports each other emotionally and financially. We come from our bravest self - for others and ourselves."