Beauty of Life


"Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never."

Where to start? Because I'm seriously rusty on the public writing front. I'll spare you starting at the beginning and jump right in.

December and January are quiet months work-wise. This year was no exception. I use the time to rest and reflect on the year. I remind myself to celebrate the wins and think about what I need to keep working on - personally and professionally.

2018 was the year I listened to my body. Acted on ideas that have been bubbling up the last three to four years. I listened, deeply, to my intuition. I trusted myself and put my health and wellness in the driver's seat for a life reset for a healthier, balanced me. I continue to move from faith and trusted the Universe to quietly (and not so quietly) watch over me. It's hauled my ass up, swept me off and gently (sometimes not so gently) put me back in the driver's seat when I faltered. It popped its voice into my head with more than one mini conversation. The ones that stand out the most?

Dream (big). Break molds if you need to. Write. Work hard but smart. Make. Trust your intuition. You’re good. You are. Life’s an endurance race. What you’re manifesting now (and for the future) will take time. It won’t be easy. It will be hard work. But you got that. You got this. Just keep laying the bricks — one by one.

Be curious (yes, I know that’s not ever really been an issue). Be thoughtful. Always, always see the possibilities and the best of humanity.

Take care of yourself. Your wellness. Your spine. Heal. Listen. Really listen. Rest when you need (yes, I know that's hard, but do it). Know when to move. Know when to sit still. Know when you need to sprint. Some days you'll feel like a slug. Others you'll fly with the wind. Keep. Moving. Forward.

Be a steward to this amazing place we call Earth and all that you love. Get outside (never really a problem). Keep falling in love with the creak and shift of the saddle, the whirl of tires on pavement. Feel the windbreak across and through you. The steady gate of moving silently on trails; listen to the trees whisper to and around you. Stand in a babbling brook, under the sparkle of a waterfall, feel the caress of water on skin as you glide in lakes, the ocean at dawn (or dusk). Alone. With tribe, family and friends.

Break your heart wide open. Then share it. Gather what you need for you. Gather and love those that matter. Meet new people. Re-meet and discover the people you know. Laugh, eat and drink with them. Love them, Tell them. Show them. Life's too short, too fleeting. Don't forget the ones that others don't see. They need celebration and love to.

Keep dating. Yes, it's hard. You'd think with all the apps and the Internet it would be more accessible. It's not. Sometimes it's the opposite. Yes, there is a slew of too many potentials sometimes. Try not to dismiss anyone to quickly (yes, it can be tempting). Not everyone is for you and you're not for everyone. Take breaks when you need to (like now). Keep putting yourself out there. Be you. Just. Don't. Give. Up.

Fall in love. It doesn't need to be named, harnessed or defined. Let it ebb and flow through you. Be it friends, family, tribe, lover/partner. Bring your all while you love them and you. Slide into home plate having loved yourself and others - no regrets - wholly and unconditionally. Life is too damn short not to.

Dust off your yoga mat. Engage in the flow of your Mysore practice. Sooner. Not later. Start slow. You’re not as limber as you use to be (trust me on this, you’re not). Don’t push it (it’s tempting but don’t). It will help your spine heal. You’ll grow into the depths of you differently than you are now (your Scorpio soul will love that bit. But remember your Sag side won’t want to dwell there. Let’s not even let Aries know K?). Maybe practice on the beach or a mountain top now and then? Maybe at sunrise or sunset?

Laugh (a lot). Love. Cry. Be the best you. Be happy. Live life joyfully. Stand in your strength. The quiet power of you. It's been a journey to get here. You've done the hard work. You've patched up the broken bits in your own time. You've made brutally hard choices to come this far. You rebuilt a love into a friendship that has made you richer for it. Honor all of it.

Stand in the center of your vulnerability. It’s one of your best asset (yes, it’s hard, but keep doing it) even if you wobble a bit. It’s where you grow. Where you dare. We’re you’re at your best truth.

Continue to embrace the wild bits that make up you. Remember magic exists. That the wilderness is an amazing place. Face into the wind. Back straight. Eyes on the horizon. Heart open. Breathe. Feel. Hear. Be. See.

Know some days you'll be frustrated, sad, lonely, want to numb out. You'll be tempted to chuck it all in and go on a walkabout around the world (you thought I didn't know that one huh?). Don't. You got this. Life is a walkabout. Treat it as such.

If (when) life goes a little catawampus (because it does) – process it, sit with it, own it, step up. Then give yourself a break. Have compassion and empathy for yourself, others. We’re all doing the best we can. Do what’s right. Remember to celebrate the big and the little. Remember, be you. It’s important.

Stop with the guilt. Stress. Try not to buckle under the pressure from others. You might falter (hell, you will). You know the routine. Get back up. Dust yourself off. Start again.

Patience. Don’t try to swim upstream or move boulders up a hill. Let time do its thing. Let the tides shift and glide with ease. Enjoy the journey. Do what's best for you. No matter how long it might take. Choose when it's best for you to act. Not when it's best for others. Be OK with saying no. You'll be healthier and happier for it. If you lose patience and you falter. Get back up. Rinse and repeat.

Be present for others. Live without judgment. Practice forgiveness and compassion, regularly.

Let’s live the best life we can. Love. Be all in.

Are we good?

We’re good.