"When I am silent. I have thunder hidden inside." Rumi

I've been meditating on the word sacred the last couple of weeks. It tumbles around in my mind, soul and heart whether awake or asleep. It's been a deep dive. It will be for a while yet. I am curious. What's bubbling to the surface from within and around when I think on?

Heart. Love. Boundaries. Humanity. Kindness. Peace. Children. Dreamtime. Authenticity. Courage. Faith. Empathy. Compassion. Grace. Arena. Earth. Mystery. Power. White Witch. Warrior Spirit. Shamanism. Body. Sensual. Self. Care. Life.


PS: The woods near my new home have been alive these last weeks. Owls hooting. I think I heard a baby one calling back and forth the other night. Oh my. As if that isn't magical, I ran into a Raven on the running trails in the woods this weekend.  Standing in the trail, picking up small bits of this and that. Raven's are magic I'm told. I like that thought. It was. He/she was beautiful.