I'm here

"Stay humble. Work hard. Be Kind." Anonymous

Thank you to those who’ve reached out and asked how I am. I’m well. Truly. I’ve been processing a lot of work I’m doing – internal and external - and frankly resting when I'm not working. I’ve needed it. The hours I’m putting in at work are well, a lot, not sustainable. It's where I (we) are at the moment. We'll get through. It's a good team. I’ve put some asks out to the Universe, family and friends for support, love. I am writing. Spending strategic time with friends, family. Running. Cycling. It, they sustain me. But mostly, I’m head down making sure my clients and teams are taken care of. It's a lot. It's rewarding.

I spent a day in the Redwoods Saturday. Lovely, just lovely. Redwood tree circle, ravens, dragonflies, earth and open spaces. Magic if truth be told. I walked away with this. It's a lovely way to start the day, heal at the end and well, just beautiful.

For today, do not worry For today, do not anger For today, I shall do my work honestly For today, I shall be grateful for all of life’s blessings For today, I shall be kind to every living thing