“The future is completely open, and we are writing moment to moment,” Pema Chodron.

Recently I was asked what would my life look like if I led one of thriving vs surviving? Which values bubble to the top? Am I enough as I am? What path (s) have I claimed? Journeyed (meandered down) that I no longer need to go down? Which new journeys do I want to claim?

Simple, but powerful questions. In the distilling down it's occurred to me that it's a life filled with sincerity, integrity, resilience, connection, joy, love, and curiosity. That in choosing to live a life of thriving is to choose to:

Continue to claim the path I'm on. To walk it with crystal clarity. To understand the price and the payoffs. To be good with all of it. To celebrate it.

Own my desires and dreams — that in the owning and doing that I always come from a place of authenticity, not resentment.

To manifest what I would like vs what I want. The latter a survival mindset, the former a life filled with hope, faith, and lightness.

Live a full, meaningful life as it works for me. That there is no right or wrong way to live or make this life.

That it’s OK to live in and be a quiet power vs a loud one.

Always try my best to live with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be present. (Easier written and said then done sometimes!)

Know that I am here for what is real, that sinking my teeth into life is a journey and amazing one at that. A gift that in all its messiness and beauty is also poignant and sweet.

See the world through truth, and trust. That in doing so I claim my voice. That I can retrieve it, at any time, when (if) I lose it. To speak up is to celebrate. To own my story. To come full circle.

That in living a thriving life I know I will ask myself the question - Am I enough more times than I care to count.

That the answer is, yes.

I am.