Resilience and Optimism


“She never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she’s won.” Matt Baker

The last two weeks I’ve taken some time to quietly celebrate and honor that I’ve turned a corner. I'm beginning to move with and to a rhythm that’s richer, deeper, stronger, strategic, and filled with more heart and purpose.

It’s lovely.

Especially since I battled a bit of blue in February, which ended with a phone call that triggered some insecurities and emotions I thought I’d dealt with but evidently needed more thought, care, and processing. Going deeper into self is never an easy task, but I've never been shy of digging in and taking a more in-depth look at what's going on.

So I sat with what I was feeling, tapped into the insecurities triggering then let them move through me; journaled and dialogued myself through some tough moments. It was in the journaling and dialogue with self that I realized I'd turned a corner. That resilience, optimism, courage, compassion, and forgiveness have been critical to that turn. That they are in line with my joy, happiness, and values. In the processing, I found my voice in and through the story.

I believe that when we choose to pick up the work to be a better version of ourselves that we open up to uncovering the stories we tell ourselves. Some on point. Some, eh, not so much. That in peeling back the layers I remind myself that this life reset is about thriving vs. surviving, and ownership of the good and the not so good decisions made. That celebrating my life, happiness and story is something to be proud of.

With this knowledge, I’ve restructured this month. I am honing it, even more, evaluating and rescheduling to allow for some breathing room. While it feels like I’ve moved through the layers, history notes that I’ll most likely have another day or two this month. That in granting myself the grace to do the work, I’m on the path to work smarter, not harder. With an eye towards thriving and living in clarity, joy, resilience and optimism.

It is enough.