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I’m Leslie Cumming, a marketing professional, maker, designer and triathlete with a love of communication, apparel, fashion, textiles, manufacturing, and knitwear. I’m on a life reset to incorporate all that I love and do into a happy, well lived and joyfully balanced life.

My life journey (to date) has been made up of equal parts joy, love, success, and implosions.

The last decade I’ve been fortunate to combine my love of technology, fashion and apparel. It’s an evolving journey that finds me running a consulting business for technology and yarn companies while also working to build a life that allows me to come from a place of joy, gratitude, integrity, love, and courage.

My Through the Lens ©2011 series are raw photos (no filter) I take from the saddle, on runs and from where ever I might be that day. I hope you enjoy them.

My Story

While living in Edinburgh in the early 2000s, I rekindled my love of textiles, knitting, and sewing and began my journey back into the maker’s world. .

I’ve owned a global boutique technology marketing communications firm, managed agencies, and worked in-house for several tech companies.

I’ve also worked in a yarn shop, written for Yarn Market News, designed custom knitwear and consulted for independent creatives as a consultant and coach helping them tell there story and execute marketing, sales, and product development.

I was the U.S. Director of Marketing and Sales for Pear Tree Yarn; the U.S. Marketing Manager for Zealana and have worked for the iconic brand Pendleton as a knitwear and cut and sew pattern developer in the women’s wear department. I attended the knitwear program at the Academy of Arts San Francisco, completing coursework in design, color theory, fashion history, and pattern drafting. I’ve also pursued the Nihon Vogue hand knitwear program in Seattle.

In 2018 a series of events and serious burnout led me to follow my intuition and embark on a life reset to pursue my joy of teaching and helping others tell story and market themselves,. I’ve discovered a passion for helping others through coaching. I’ve also delved back into my love of knitwear, wool and writing.

I live in Portland, Oregon and love that I am close to the outdoors, friends and family in the Pacific Northwest.