Love. It's Unconditional.

"Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use." Ruth Gordon

I've been humbled these last days, weeks by the generosity of spirit and love shown to me. Thank you.

Love takes courage. The more I love the more I strengthen the muscles of the giving and receiving of it.

I'm a firm believer that love takes work. That it shapes who I am.

Love, for me, is unconditional. It is a practice I choose. Every day. Albeit, some days more successfully than others.

I'll be brutally honest, next to forgiveness; it's one of the hardest practices I've taken on. It's broken my heart wide open - lord I lost count a.while.ago!

Love is... Wonder. Light. Dark. Uncomfortable. Joyful. Possibility. Sadness. Peace. Laughter.

Love is... everything.

Love should never be taken lightly. It is always present. Always.

To love... That my heart and soul are always open to it and that it is always open and present for my family, friends and tribe.

To love...That it keep me wide open to new opportunities, to new ways of seeing life. Me.

To love... That it keeps me open to those I don't know, may never know and that it introduces me to those that I will know, but haven't met yet.

To love... May you be present in my head, heart and soul. Always.

To love... That it open me to seeing, experiencing the possibilities that are manifesting, happening and guiding me.

To love... That I continue to practice it. That with it I grow into the power of me. To become more within it, of it.

To love... That I continue to do it unconditionally.

To love... You rock.