You can find magic where ever you look," Dr. Seuss.

Faith is a core value of mine. Some of you know this about me. Others? Maybe not. I've usually been pretty quiet about it. But I’ve always had it. Even when I didn't know it had a name. It was (is) something, someone higher. A feeling of completeness. Oneness. Strength. Like Love. It just Is. At times it’s been stronger than others. As I grow older it’s become stronger. In self. Others. Source. God. Buddha. Choose a name. I’m open.

I didn’t grow up in a faith-based family. The journey to and of faith has been interesting.  I've had bumps along the way. But all in all it's been a good one. The last year (s) have been deeply grounded in faith. Placing faith in self. Others. The unknown. That the choices - the brutally hard ones and the amazing ones - are, have been, intuitively the right ones. They feel right. Grounded in Faith.

I’m looking forward to discovering where it takes me in the year (s) to come. In this time. In this life. To new experiences in San Francisco. To existing and new friends here. To family and friends in Portland and Bend. To friends around the globe.

To tribe. Thank you. For supporting me. Loving me. Being there for me.

For having Faith in me.

Love, L