"What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet." Anonymous

I was reminded this weekend physically, mentally and by friends that working towards balance is important to a whole, wonderful life. That this life is now. There are no do overs. To not lose site of how important it is to make time for self, making new friends, treasuring old friends, family, tribe and community.

I’d forgotten that the last 26-days of working with no break and unsustainable hours. I. Am. Really. Not. Kidding.

Towards the end my brain (and me I suspect) was not functioning at its best. By mid-week last week pure exhaustion had set in. Yet, I kept at it. Work needed to get done. I even planned to work 6-8 hours - each day - this last weekend. Thinking if I could push through to the 4th of July weekend. Take some time then. Rest then. Recoup then. I'd be good. Body? Brain? By last Friday? They did what I didn't (wouldn't) do for them. Shut down. Rested.

An event Friday evening, personal things the last weeks (not honored or attended to) and a conversation Saturday reminded me that life is about choice (s). I have them. My work - the next months - is to get better at boundaries (setting them). Working on integrating wellness, health and life in a balanced way. For self, family and tribe. It's most likely a life long practice for me.

I was reminded that when I work unsustainable hours I don't work from balance. I work from scarcity. When I'm in scarcity I'm vulnerable. It's in these moments I need to take down time, circle back and connect with my core values. When I don't the universe, god, friends and family subtly and not so subtly walk me back. I need to get better at me walking me back to ...

Courage. Faith. Authenticity.

Each time I choose one or all I choose from a place of love. From balance. From grace. From light. It's then I step into more.

A post I read Saturday brought it all home. That to let go, surrender and fall can be to fall up. That in surrendering I let go of what is not serving me and open myself up to the freedom of so much more. Albeit, much of it not yet known. In the letting go I open up to infinite possibilities, beauty and blessings that will serve me in working to actualize a more balanced, beautiful life. Scary and exciting in a butterflies in the stomach kind of way.


Thank you.

You all walked me back.

This life is pretty amazing isn't it?